30 Sep

Electronic system for travel authorisation also known as ESTA is an automated system that evaluates and determines the eligibility of visitors who want to visit the United States. You will note that any persons from any country that is under visa waiver program and travelling to the states either by sea or air is required to apply for ESTA. The main aim of ESTA application is to confirm if all the information given by the traveller is true and accurate. The application is convenient and fast as it is done online. Note that the online platform used for application is reliable and secured. This gives the applicant convenience and do not require to visit any the US embassy to apply.

Once you have downloaded the application form, you will have to answer basic questions about yourself. Upon submission, your information will be reviewed and if it’s correct and true, your application will be approved. Once you application is successful, you are given an ESTA number which will serve as reference every time you want to renew or update your information. Click here to read more about how to check ESTA status . It is possible to apply for ESTA three days departure as it’s approved within seconds. The fact that it is simple and convenient to apply have attracted a lot of people who want to travel to the state. Also, people who have ESTA can visit anywhere in the state. This is because there are no restrictions or hindrances when using ESTA. Therefore, ESTA application is simple as compared to applying for a visa where you are required to submit a lot of documents.

It is important to note that ESTA is only valid for two years and one can apply for renewal upon expiry. The fact the visa is valid for two year doesn’t mean you can stay there consecutively. Visit here to learn more about ESTA Visa.   You are required to stay in the United States for not more than ninety days. Upon departure, you can return without renewing your visa as long as the two years period has not lapsed. Another thing to note is that with ESTA, you get to enjoy all the benefits that come with a real visa. Also, the travel authorisation is only given to those people who want to visit the state for tourism, business, transit, short study programs and healthcare. ESTA application will save you a lot of time and money and there are no preparation needed prior application. Therefore, you can visit the state without going through the trouble of visa application. Learn more from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lU4GsuzGaiQ.

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